Sunday, May 6, 2012

Basic Techniques Run Faster

A. Basic Techniques Run Faster
Cue willing, the body bent, his hands placed behind the lines the start. Cue ready, knees raised, little legs moving, forward-looking short. Yaa cue or sound of a gun, reflexively went to the front.
a. The attitude of stepping Legs alternately raised and bent, the foot is moved forward, narrow toes.
b. Posture The attitude of the body moves forward, rested legs and push your hips forward.
c. The attitude of the hand Compensate for the movement of both hands swinging both legs.
d. View View towards the front of ± 10 m.

2. Start Start the run number is divided into three kinds, namely:
a. Start standing (standing start) Start-up used in the intermediate sprints and long distances.
b. Start flying (flying start) Start float is used by runners II, III, and IV run in relay 4 × 100 m.
c. Start squatting (cruched start) Start squatting is used in short distance running. Start squatting is divided into three kinds of start, namely:

A. Start short (bunch start)
2. Start medium (medium start)
3. Start (long start) Way to start squatting:
a. Rear knee is placed on the toe in front with a distance of one fist hand.
b. Both arms straight at shoulder level. Palm of the hand (fingers) put on the back the starting line.
c. Straight forward view of the track.
d. Body weight in both hands.
At the cue, so move the motion forward. Start command: willing, ready, yes! (Sound of gun / whistle). Reflexively darted off to the front.
3. Running Technique Running technique is done by:
a. Step or movement of the feet as wide and as soon as possible.
b. Foot landing on the tip of your foot.
c. Forward leaning posture.

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