Thursday, May 24, 2012


Salah satu komponen kesegaran jasmani adalah kekuatan (strenght). Kekuatan merupakan kemampuan otot atau sekumpulan otot untuk melakukan suatu tegangan terhadap beban. ketahanan otot merupakan kemampuan otot atau sekelompok otot untuk melakukan suatu pekerjaan yang berulang-ulang atau kemampuan otot untuk melakukan suatu tugas gerak dalam waktu tertentu. Jadi perbedaan yang mendasar antara kekuatan otot dan daya tahan otot terletak pada penekanannya. Kekuatan otot berkembang jika beban yang dilakukan makin meningkat. Sedangkan daya tahan otot terbentuk melalui beban tetap namun dilakukan secara berulang-ulang dalam satu kesempatan.
Bentuk-bentuk latihan kekuatan dan daya tahan:
- Squat jump: latihan untuk mengembangkan kekuatan dan daya tahan otot kaki.
- Push up: latihan untuk kekuatan dan daya tahan otot lengan.
- Pull up; latihan untuk pengembangan kekuatan dan daya tahan otot bahu.
- Squat thrust; latihan untuk kekuatan dan daya tahan otot dada.
- Sit up: latihan untuk kekuatan dan daya tahan otot perut.
- Back up: latihan untuk kekuatan dan daya tahan otot pinggang.
Bentuk bentuk latihan untuk daya tahan jantung dan paru-paru:
Untuk meningkatkan daya tahan jantung dan paaru-paru dapat dilakukan dengan latihan-latihan sebagai berikut
- Fartlek (speedplay) yaitu bermain-main dengan kecepatan, fartlek dilakukan di alam terbuka.
- Interval training yaitu atihan yang diselingi dengan interval/istirahat pada tiap sesinya
- Jogging yaitu berlari pelan sesuai dengan kemampuan selama 15-20 menit.
Demikian bentuk-bentuk latihan fisik yang digunakan untuk meningkatkan kekuatan dan daya tahan tubuh kita. semoga bermanfaat

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Basic Techniques Run Faster

A. Basic Techniques Run Faster
Cue willing, the body bent, his hands placed behind the lines the start. Cue ready, knees raised, little legs moving, forward-looking short. Yaa cue or sound of a gun, reflexively went to the front.
a. The attitude of stepping Legs alternately raised and bent, the foot is moved forward, narrow toes.
b. Posture The attitude of the body moves forward, rested legs and push your hips forward.
c. The attitude of the hand Compensate for the movement of both hands swinging both legs.
d. View View towards the front of ± 10 m.

2. Start Start the run number is divided into three kinds, namely:
a. Start standing (standing start) Start-up used in the intermediate sprints and long distances.
b. Start flying (flying start) Start float is used by runners II, III, and IV run in relay 4 × 100 m.
c. Start squatting (cruched start) Start squatting is used in short distance running. Start squatting is divided into three kinds of start, namely:

A. Start short (bunch start)
2. Start medium (medium start)
3. Start (long start) Way to start squatting:
a. Rear knee is placed on the toe in front with a distance of one fist hand.
b. Both arms straight at shoulder level. Palm of the hand (fingers) put on the back the starting line.
c. Straight forward view of the track.
d. Body weight in both hands.
At the cue, so move the motion forward. Start command: willing, ready, yes! (Sound of gun / whistle). Reflexively darted off to the front.
3. Running Technique Running technique is done by:
a. Step or movement of the feet as wide and as soon as possible.
b. Foot landing on the tip of your foot.
c. Forward leaning posture.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Changing Paradigms PenjasOrkes Mapel

Subject Physical Education Sport Health (Penjasorkes) is one of the material taught in schools. Penjasorkes or another as a matter of great importance in this world of education we can see and prove that Penjasorkes taught in all levels of education from primary level, namely early childhood, elementary, middle / secondary education Mts up (SMA / SMK) and Higher Education. However, there are some people who think Mapel Penjasorkes as maple that is not important why is that? There are several answers that be the reason why some people consider unimportant Penjasorkes Mapel, among others: Penjasorkes maple is a maple that is not tested in the National, unlike Mapel Indonesian, English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences (IPA) tested nationally. Penjasorkes maple is considered easy to learn and does not require a high IQ or intelligence. Sebaian of Teachers Penjasorkes not Penjasorkes implement learning activities in accordance with proper regulations. The authors look at the way it is trying to change the paradigm of the public about Penjasorkes Mapel. Penjasorkes is a major and very important material is taught and applied in everyday life with the following explanation: Maple Penjasorkes taught at all levels of education, it is enough to prove that students at all levels need Penjasorkes. Penjasorkes maple is the parent material of all the maple because of the nature of moral contains (Civics), count and size (Mathematics), explosive style (IPA), and terms that use a foreign language (English). The purpose of Physical Education Sport and Health is a human form that is complete Indonesian man who physically and mentally healthy and noble personality and character of the nation. Penjasorkes if managed properly will have positive impact on the mentality, personality, and physical fitness because in penjasorkes taught about honesty, confidence, fair play, and responsibility. One thing that can not be ignored about their importance is often called Penjasorkes Mapel Mapel Sports is a maple that has a special minister, the Minister of Youth and Sports hehehe ... Through this article author hopes that we can understand the importance of Penjasorkes for children's education and the nation began to change the paradigm of Mapel Penjasorkes considered not important to very important maple. The author realized that not all agree on this, the authors apologize for any mistakes or oversight. Constructive criticism and suggestions from readers are always looking forward to hopefully author can we educate the children of this nation according to National Educational Objectives. Amen